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  • Title: The Candlemaker
  • Release year: 1957
  • Movie genres: Animation; Short
  • Director: Joy Batchelor; John Halas
  • Actors: Joy Batchelor, John Halas
  • Movie length: 13 min.

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You would certainly get tons of cool emotions and would fall in love with acting of Joy Batchelor, John Halas during watching The Candlemaker, one of the best of all Animation films of 1957. The idea of The Candlemaker is cool and acting of Joy Batchelor makes it so realistic and so cool. We give rate 10 from 10 and we give a recommendation to everybody to start watching it right now! There are only 13 min that would bring you so many of great positive impressions. Just my conclusion. The Candlemaker movie is just an ok for one time watch. It could have been a decent film but they had to ruin it with the archaic picture. You would fall in love with The Candlemaker after spending time with it. The film in Animation category looks really nice and it is probably one of the best actions of 1957. Acting very well-known actors like: Joy Batchelor, John Halas and acting is very cool and brings a lot of great feelings. Joy Batchelor in one of main roles looks so nice too. Length of the film is: 13 min and we are almost absolutely sure that you listen to our advice and to start watching it right now. Really loved it, and without checking other reviews or being influenced by anyone, on see it and hoping I hadn't wasted my $, and wow I loved it! Waiting? Begin watching this movie right now. Like The Candlemaker movie... and share it.

Nice flick. The Candlemaker at least is a something fantastic or innovative in 1957.

Just don't be against and don't miss an opportunity of examining The Candlemaker and the nice experience will make you excited very much! you will realize that you have not watched actions with so nice actor playing in Animation genre. Both female and male actors like: Joy Batchelor are playing so nice and the great view of all the stuff they are performing will make you excited very much! The Candlemaker is definitely one of the best actions of 1957 with length of 13 min. Just start examining it and you will definitely like everything very much!

We can tell for sure that the film of 1957 and with length of 13 min would be added by you to your home video collection and that you will watch it again and again after examining it for the first time. It is truth that you are a lucky visitor because you came to the best site, the place where you would find the Animation movie that you will love! The Candlemaker is produced by right people who know what is what in producing cool films and Joy Batchelor, John Halas here all look so wonderful and on they all are on right places.

I was shocked to see a lot of really bad opinions, many people are just not possible to please. This film was 13 min long but completely entertaining, and I get pleasure how the directors weren't afraid to be risky. I've read lots other reviews that believe that there's no story. Unless you're psychologically handicapped or not paying attention cause you're on your phone the whole film, the plot is totally clear, and good in my opinion.

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