Scarica The Blue Bird 1918

  • Title: The Blue Bird
  • Release year: 1918
  • Director: Maurice Tourneur
  • Actors: Tula Belle, Robin Macdougall, Edwin E. Reed, Emma Lowry, William J. Gross, Florence Anderson, Edward Elkas, Katherine Bianchi, Lillian Cook, Gertrude McCoy, Maurice Tourneur
  • Movie length: 75 min.
  • Movie genres: Fantasy

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The Blue Bird is a fully good Fantasy movie. Although it isn't entirely void of flaws, a few missteps don't affect the picture a lot. The three primary aspects of the picture are: pressure, synergy between characters and the story line. All three are quite solid actually. The movement of the picture is good, it's speedy, but it's easy to watch. Yes this is a corn action, but it's absolutely acceptable and as just as fun each time.

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